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 T'ai Chi classes in Atlanta and around town! 

Please click here for T'ai Chi classes for Seniors, Older Adults, for rehabilitation or for those wishing to start with a very gentle, yet quite effective exercise set.

Shoulders Down, Inc. and Rising Phoenix T'ai Chi exist for the sharing of traditional T’ai Chi and  Qi Gong, as well as  Movement Improvement T'ai Chi R and other programs to encourage individuals in the ways of health and energy. We teach under certifications from Master Yun Xiang Tseng,  who trained from a very young age at Wu Dang Mountain in China, the birthplace of T'ai Chi.
We provide a wide range of specially designed classes for those who wish to: 
 build strength, or relax, increase energy, boost immune systems, lighten loads, create balance, and those who wish for all these things! Our classes can help ~~~~~ “Enhance Your Everyday Life, Every Day.” tm~~~~~
 Our Director is Cate Morrill, who has been involved with T'ai Chi since 1988, and our Assistant Director is Harvey Meisner, who has been involved since 1996.  We are also pleased to have other teachers and associates with diverse backgrounds and talents to assist and teach classes with us. ALL of our teachers are CPR Certified, and have undergone years of intensive training!


Let's see what we can do together!

We offer programs in:

  • Traditional T'ai Chi and Qi Gong for the general population as well as
  • Special programs such as Seniors Tai Chi,  for which we created "Movement Improvement T'ai Chi", which is also an excellent program for those
  • Recovering from illness or injury. 
  • Corporate exercise programs,
  • Community programs,
  • School programs and
  • More for T'ai Chi in Atlanta and across the country!
So whether you are looking for traditional T'ai Chi 24, Qi Gong sets, strength, balance, flexibility, or working with issues such as arthritis,  sleeping difficulties, muscle stiffness, osteoporosis, stress, or tension, looking to lose weight, or get healthier, perhaps we can help you along your path. If  you are looking for a safe, gentle yet effective exercise program, for beginners or more advanced work, we will be glad to assist you.
Here at our studio and all around Atlanta, we teach programs to help with all of those issues.

To read the article on WEBMD on T'ai Chi and ARTHRITIS, on which our Director, Cate Morrill, is the primary source, please click here, thank you!

To read the article in USA TODAY about T'ai Chi and Seniors, featuring our students, please click here!

The choices you make today may change the way you feel tomorrow. There are ancient sayings, "The seeds you tend are the ones that grow" and "The best time to plant a fruit tree was twenty years ago, but the second best time is today."
Let us help you plant and tend the seeds of health! Starting today, you can begin this healthful work to help create calmness, relaxation, yet be full of energy, or as our Motto says...........
Refresh, Restore, Reinvigorate!

Through our classes and programs, in Atlanta and across the country, we help by providing tools to “Soothe the Soul”, "Activate the Energy" and create health and positive energy in mind, body and spirit.  “Shoulders down” is a phrase often used by T’ai Chi instructors to encourage students to relax their shoulders, thereby immediately reducing stress and tension in their bodies, and then, in their minds and spirits.  "Shoulders down, energy UP"!
  Some of our classes...

"Movement Improvement T'ai Chi": Classes for Seniors or those who wish for a gentle beginning exercise program, or who wish to reinvigorate their energy, enhance balance, flexibility and strength.

"Rising Phoenix T'ai Chi" Classes:  "T'ai Chi for health, fitness, and longevity”- for individuals and the general poplulation or special groups: T’ai Chi and Qi Gong principles, and 24 Move T'ai Chi Form .

Emphasizing breathing, stretching, classic T’ai Chi and Qi Gong for health and longevity .

"Shoulders Down" Classes:  "Shoulders down, energy UP"--corporate on-site

Emphasizing stress reduction, health, and fitness.

"Creating Health" -- "Let go of that which you do not need, add that which you do."   For balancing weight, stress managment, eating for health, excercising effectively with gentle, yet strengthening  movements, and using all of these to create a healthy mind, body and spirit.

For further details of these and of our other programs offered, please click here.

Please let us know how we can help you!

To your health!